Product Management Course


PM School opens registration for a product management course - "Product Management 101" in the group PdM01.


Learn the skills, tools, and techniques needed to succeed in the realm of Product Management.

Gain the in-breadth knowledge in the following areas:
  • Product Management basics
  • Market landscape
  • Human-centric design
  • Product development strategy and tactics
  • Customer relationships
You will learn from an example: the course material will be explained through its application to the real software product.
16 onsite 2-hour classes consisting of lectures & workshops over 2 months
The course involves homework and online consultancies in Skype.
On completion of the course, the students receive the Certificate of Completion.
Requirements to obtaining the certificate:
Attendance of 12 classes at minimum
Completed graduation project
Help you prepare for and succeed in the Product Manager role with the human-centric approach to the product design.
The diploma will be awarded at the end of the course, subject to the presence of 12+ classes and the complited graduation project.

Who This Course is For:
-  Product Specialists with 0-2 years of experience who want to learn the Product Manager’s core skills and best practices, and systematize their existing knowledge.
-  Project Managers, BA, TL and other IT-specialists  who want to become Product Managers and learn about the profession.
2+ years of working experience in software design and development
English: Intermediate+

PdM01 Course by The Numbers :
1.  Start: by recruitment group.
2.  Location: Kharkov, st. Sumy 1, 3 fl.
3.  Duration: 2 months, 32 hours
4.  Training procedure: 2 times a week for 2 hours + Skype-consultations. The schedule will be updated by the end of Aug.
5.  Cost: $ 250 per month 
6.  Payment procedure: payment is made for the whole course or in parts after the first lesson, if everything suits you.
7.  Seats: 18.
8.  Language of instruction: Russian + English on slides and handouts.

Elena Sviridenko
With 15 years in IT, Elena has extensive hands-on experience in product management and leadership, and being a lifelong learner she strives for shipping impactful products that deliver the first-rate end-to-end user experiences.
Elena has operated in both the B2C and B2B spaces, with the track record of successful products shipped in various domains and targeting various markets worldwide.
Before product management, she worked in the realm of quality assurance, customer support, business analysis, and UX.
On a typical day, you will see Elena rolling up her sleeves to discover and explore opportunities to create value for the business in a way that creates value for the customers, and do whatever it takes to promote and cherish the human-centric culture in the team and organization.

Alena Parenchenko
Consultant, Marketing Manager with 9 year experience in marketing strategy development for IT-outsourcing companies and IT-products.
Alexander Bondarenko
Product Marketing Manager with 9 years experience in IT-sales and marketing strategy development for Betting and gambling products.

Program | Group PdM01 | 1 Month

Date What you will learn Practice & Homework
19:00 - 21:00     
Introduction to Product Management
  • Product Management ecosystem
  • Competencies of the PdM
  • Key Product Management terms
  • Product Manager (PdM) vs Product Owner vs Project Manager
  • Product roles in the outsourcing, outstaffing, enterprise organizations and in the startups
Describe your current role in the organization. Think how you can apply the Product Management competencies.
19:00 - 21:00     
Market intelligence
  • Market profile
  • Identifying and profiling market segments
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market profile worksheet
  • Segmentation worksheet
  • SWOT worksheet
Fill in the worksheets for your product
19:00 - 21:00     
Homework Q&A (20m)
Competitive positioning & Target audience (TA)
  • Identifying your TA
  • Discovering TA’s goals & needs and prioritizing them
  • Methods of delivering value
  • Pricing
  • Competitive monitoring
  • Identify the user research techniques you could apply at your current job. Elaborate
  • Define your product offering

19:00 - 21:00     
Homework review (30m): share and discuss
Profiling your target audience
  • Customer vs Consumer
  • Personas vs Roles
  • Design personas vs Marketing personas
  • Personas in B2C vs personas in B2B
  • Traps to avoid
  • Role worksheet
  • Persona worksheet

Profile the TA of your product and fill in the worksheets
19:00 - 21:00     
Homework Q&A (20m)
Product strategy
  • Business goals and objectives vs Product goals
  • Product vision
  • Key elements of the product strategy
  • Unfair advantage
  • Engagement channels
  • Lean canvas
Lean canvas
  • Lean canvas

Fill in the Lean Canvas for your product
19:00 - 21:00     
  • What the roadmap is
  • Types of roadmaps
  • How to build and maintain the roadmap
  • Strategic prioritization techniques
  • Create a one-year roadmap for your product.
  • Pick one strategic improvement for further consideration. Explain your choice.
19:00 - 21:00     
Homework review (30-40m): share and discuss
Building the alignment
Collaboration with...
  • delivery
  • marketing & sales
  • client care team
  • account managers
  • HR

Product Management at Portfolio level
Stakeholder management

Based on your current (or forthcoming) role in the organization, suggest the improvements in the cross-department collaboration from the Product Management perspective
19:00 - 21:00     
Homework review (30-40m): share and discuss the insights
Building the right culture
  • Management for happiness
  • Safe environment
  • Shared goals, shared values
  • Fail fast, fail often
  • Toxic behaviours
Familiarize yourself with the recommended tools and techniques. Try applying some of them in your team and organization.

Program | Group PdM01 | 2 Month

Date What you will learn Practice & Homework
19:00 - 21:00     
Homework review (up to 30m): share and discuss the experience
  • Agility in the organization
  • Product Management in Agile environment
  • Product Manager & Agile development team
Reading profile literature
19:00 - 21:00     
Fruitful relationships with clients and partners
  • Identifying & profiling the key clients
  • Establishing the feedback loop
  • Earning the trust
  • Working with complaints
  • Building the case studies
Case discussion and review
19:00 - 21:00     
Translating user needs into solutions
  • User stories
  • User story vs Use case
  • Job stories
  • When and how to build wireframes
  • Requirements specifications - to be or not to be?

Create up to 5 user stories and/or job stories for your product using the suggested techniques
19:00 - 21:00     
Homework Q&A (20m)
Product backlog management
  • Product backlog structure
  • Product backlog items (PBIs), their types and attributes 
  • Sprint backlog items (SBIs), their types and attributes
  • Splitting the PBIs
  • Prioritization
  • Definition of ready for PBI and SBI
Case discussion and review
19:00 - 21:00     
Continuous discovery
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Hypothesis validation
  • Danger of stage-gates

Hypothesis testing worksheet

Formulate a hypothesis for the opportunity of your choice
19:00 - 21:00     
Launch & monitoring
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF)
  • Launch planning
  • Post-launch monitoring & follow-up


  • Define the minimum viable scope of your next product release based on the strategic improvement chosen on the class #6
  • Suggest qualitative and quantitative metrics to measure the success 
19:00 - 21:00     
Product lifecycle management
  • Product lifecycle stages and their specifics
  • Key business areas to focus on
Preparation to the graduation Q&A
Define the lifecycle stage of your product. Elaborate
What are the key factors to focus on? Elaborate
Get ready for the graduation: prepare your product elevator pitch and presentation
19:00 - 21:00     
Product elevator pitch. Graduation Celebrate 

Additional workshops for the course
  • Technikal Skillset for  PdM
  • Agile Skillset for PdM
  • Marketing Skillset for PdM
  • UX  Skillset for PdM